The Farm

19th Century 21 acre farmette located in picturesque Lititz, Pennsylvania. Nestled in the valley just south of Kissel Hill, our location offers sunset views overlooking preserved Amish farms a vineyard and “pop up” wildflower field. As the current stewards of this small piece of Lancaster County history we hope to restore the 1831 farmhouse and barn as future event space.

The Vineyard

Under the Management and Leadership of Jan Waltz of Waltz Vineyards in Manheim, Pa 1 acre of Chardonnay was planted in the Spring of 2015. The Inaugural harvest in the Fall of 2017 was blended into Waltz popular white wine, Fusion. In the Spring of 2018 Waltz planted another acre, this time Cab Franc was selected as a hardy black varietal.

The Wildlife

In 2016 we planted a 3 acre “pop up” wildflower field to support pollinators and an apiary located on the farm. It has become a popular local destination for bees, butterflies and gold finches as well as prom pictures and brides to be. The wildflower field is being transformed into a casual outside event space for 2019. Picture takers welcome at your own risk! There is also a small bluebird house trail that successfully fledged 12 blue birds in 2018!